Hood Family Genealogy and History
Compiled by
JB Hartline
Nathaniel Hood was born Ca. 1720.  The earliest records indicate he lived in or around Sussex County, Virginia. He married Sarah Young, born about 1716. Click here to read his Last will and testament.
According to the best information we could find, Nathaniel and Sarah Hood had the following children:
      Nathaniel Hood, Jr., born March 3, 1742.   D

      Elizabeth Hood

      John Hood (probably the son of Thomas Hood & Mary, born June 9, 1754, Sussex County, VA birth records) (There may have been two John Hoods at that time in Sussex County)

      Lucretia (Lucy) Hood

      Henry Hood, born April 3, 1749. (Sussex County, VA birth records)

      Frances Hood (questionable. no real verification)

      Amelia (Mely) Hood

      Ruth Hood (questionable. no real verification)

      Sarah Hood

      Peter Hood (questionable. no real verification)

Nathaniel Hood, Sr. died about the summer of 1780.

Nathaniel Hood was born March 3, 1742, a son of Nathaniel and Sarah Hood of Sussex County, VA. He married Elizabeth Britton, a daughter of William (1692)  and Elizabeth Owen Britton (1695). Nathaniel Hood came to Wayne County, North Carolina from Sussex County, Virginia.  Wayne County is where records indicate three of their children were born.   Click here to read his Will

      WILLIAM HOOD, born in Virginia, died on October 11, 1796, Johnston County, NC.  William is listed in the Tax List 1782, Sussex County, VA.

      MOLLY HOOD, born in Virginia, married in Virginia to THOMAS MAXWELL, also born in Virginia.

      JOANNAH HOOD, born in Virginia, married a Mr. BYRD, in Virginia.

      BOLD ROBIN HOOD, born December 05, 1767.  D

      BRITTON HOOD, born December 05, 1767.  D

      ELIZABETH HOOD, born July 23, 1778, in Virginia, married on March 14, 1797 in Virginia to NATHAN HANKS, born February 28, 1774.  Elizabeth died May 13, 1858, Pickens County, Alabama and Nathan died November 03, 1845, Olney, Pickens County, Alabama.

Nathaniel Hood, Jr. died March 21, 1809 in North Carolina.

Britton Hood, a son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Hood, born December 05, 1767 and died 1848 in Wayne County, North Carolina.  He married (1) Mary Bass in 1800 at Goldsboro, North Carolina, daughter of Edward Bass and Sarah Stevens Bass.  Mary was born in Wayne County, NC 1789. 

      William B. Hood, born at Goldsboro, NC

      Britton Hood, Jr.

      Robert L. Hood

      Elizabeth Hood

      John Robert Hood.   D

Britton married 2. Katherine Cox and their children are:

      Daniel T. Hood

Bold Robin Hood, a son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Hood, born December 5, 1767, married to Mary Cogdell from Beaufort, North Carolina in l800. She was born October of l769, daughter of Francis and Selah Cogdell.  They lived in Wayne County, North Carolina and later in Alabama. To this union were born four sons:

      Joshua Taylor Hood, born April 14, 1801 in Wayne County NC.  D

      Bold Robin Hood, Jr, born November 25, 1803, in Wayne County, NC.  He married first to Patia Ward and secondly to Sophia Anne Grady.  He died January 17, 1873 in Wayne County, NC.

      John Cogdell Hood, born in Wayne County July 10, 1805.  D

      Daniel Stone Hood, born January 21, 1812 in Goldsboro, Wayne County,

Mary Cogdell Hood died July 2, 1830 and sometime afterwards, before 1838, Bold Robin and his sons Taylor and Daniel moved to Barbour County, Alabama.  His sons later moved to Dale County, AL.

Bold Robin Hood b. 1767, died November 20, 1838 in Barbour County, AL.

Joshua Taylor Hood, a son of Bold Robin and Mary Cogdell Hood, born April 14, 1801, married Elizabeth Jane Cole on April 1, 1830 (date of marriage bond: February 26, 1830, bondsman Bold Robin Hood) in Johnston County NC.  She was born July 01, 1811, daughter of Willis and Sarah Cole, in Dale County AL.  They lived in AL at the 1850 Census.
Their Children were:

      Bold Robin Hood, born January 11, 1831.

      Sarah Ann Hood, born August 18, 1840.

      MaryAnn Elizabeth Hood, born October 29, 1845.

      John Taylor Hood, born May 5, 1848.

      William Bright Hood, born August 7, 1850.

      Susan Clephene Hood, born September 3, 1854.

Both Joshua and Elizabeth died around 1880 in Dale County, AL.

John Robert Hood was born September 4, 1804, in Goldsboro, North Carolina to Britton and Mary Bass Hood.  He died April 24, 1883 in Goldsboro and was buried in Hood Cemetery, Wayne, NC.

John Cogdell Hood, son of Bold Robin and Mary Cogdell Hood, born July 10, l805, and married Nancy Peacock, daughter of David and Charlotte (Bryan)Peacock.  Nancy was born in 1813 in Wayne County, NC.

They had the following children:  (U.S. Census 1850, District #12, Johnston County, NC)

      John Cogdell Hood, Jr., born March 30, 1830.  D




Daniel Stone Hood, son of Bold Robin & Mary Codgell Hood, was born January 21, 1812 in Goldsboro, Wayne County, NC. He married about 1833, to Eliza Jane Jernigan, born 1817.  They were living in Barbour County, Alabama by 1833, according to the state census.  Their children were:

      Mary Jane Hood, born 1835, married Thomas James Barnes.

      Eliza Jane Hood, born 1837.

      Daniel Stone Hood, born about September 20, 1838.

      Charlotte Jane Hood, born 1841.

      Sarah Jane Hood, born 1843.

      John Cogdell Hood, born 1845.

      Sustavous Adolphus Hood, born 1847.

      Bold Richard Hood, born 1849.

      Martha Jane Hood, born 1852.

      Tolbert Van Dorris Hood, born June 13, 1856.

      Arthur Elzy Hood, born ca. 1862.
                                      John Cogdell Hood, Jr., son of John
                                     Cogdell Hood, Sr., and Nancy Peacock
                                     was born March 30, l830, at Peacock
                                     Crossroads and lived in Bentonville,
                                     North Carolina.
                                     He married Martha A. Young, daughter
                                     of Ezekiel Young, born in 1833,from
                                     Wake County on November 8, l853. 
                                     They moved to Smithfield, Johnston
                                     County, North Carolina, in 1871.


     Sara Isadora Hood, born July 31, 1855, married Dr. Levin E. Kirkman, born 1846, died 1885. They lived at Smithfield.   D

     Thomas Ruffin Hood born September 29, 1857.    D

     Betty Vandorn Hood, born 1862, married Lester Woodall.

     Bold Robin Hood, born February 9, 1865, died December 29, 1899, married Anna Dixon.  D

     John E. Hood, born June 26, 1867.   D

     David Henry Hood, born August 3, 1870, married Rosalie Herman.    D

The list of children was found in the 1870 U. S. Census records of Johnston County, NC.

According to Dora Hood Kirkman, John Cogdell Hood, Jr. owned and operated carriage shops at Bentonville where almost all the men in that little town worked. During the Civil War battle of Bentonville, the carriage shop and storehouse were burned. The 1870 U.S. Census of Johnston County listed John C. Hood as a retired merchant.

John Cogdell Hood, Jr. died September 30, 1887.   Martha A. Young Hood died in 1915.  They are both buried in the Smithfield Cemetery.

David W. Hood, born May 6, 1833. Died August 2, 1871, was a son of John Cogdell Hood, Sr, and Nancy Peacock Hood. David married Martha R., born 1840 and they had the following children:

      William Hood, born 1848, Bentonville, North Carolina.

      Edgar Hood, born 1860, Bentonville, North Carolina.

      Henry Hood, born 1861, Bentonville, North Carolina.

      Robert Hood, born 1864, Bentonville, North Carolina.

      David Hood, born 1867, Bentonville, North Carolina.

      Martha Hood, born February, 1870, Bentonville, North Carolina.

David W. Hood died August 2, 1871.

Nancy (Nan) Hood, born September 16, 1848, daughter of John Cogdell Hood, Sr., married Young B. Smith, born February 12, 1849. 

      James Lonnie Smith born August 7, 1882, died July 5, 1932, married Hettie Lee, born August 19, 1885, died June 22, 1968.  Children:
      Budd Elmon Smith, born 1910 died 1978, married Ethel Knott, born 1915, died 1988.

      James Garland Smith, born February 3, 1912, now 93.

      Thomas L. Smith, born July 5, 1917, died August 7, 1882.

      Cedrick T. Smith, born May 23, 1919, died December 19, 1974, married Mary T., born October 1, 1920, died April 2, 1999.

      Ellameta (still living)

      Lucille Smith born 1925. (Still living)

Nancy (Nan) Hood Smith died January 1, 1928.  Young B. Smith died August 2, 1896. 

Sara Isadora (Dora) Hood, daughter of John Cogdell Hood, Jr., was born July 31, 1855 in Wake County, North Carolina.  She married in Bentonville, North Carolina on September 3, 1871 to Dr. Levin Eli Kirkman, born April 2, 1846.


     Stella Vance Kirkman, married a Johnson.

     James Holloway Kirkman.

     Mattie Alvey Kirkman, born May 9, 1876, died October 1876.

     Charles Marvin Kirkman, born December 26, 1877, died 1908, buried at Smithfield Cemetery.

     Lula Merriman Kirkman, married a Jordan.

     Bettie Isadore Kirkman, born September 22, 1882, married a Jones.  D

Dr. Levin E. Kirkman died of malaria (caught from a patient) on October 30, 1885. 
Dora Hood Kirkman died November 16, 1943 and is buried by her husband in the Smithfield Cemetery.

Thomas Ruffin Hood, son of John Cogdell Hood, Jr., and Martha A. Young Hood, was born September 19, 1857 and died January 16, 1940.  He married Lucy Ann Woodall, born November 1, 1861.


     William Dameron Hood, born December 31, 1882, married Mattie Whitaker. William died October 30, 1966.

            William Dameron Hood, Jr. born October 4, 1918.

            Ellen Sebelin Hood, born July 31, 1921.

     Eva Hood, born September 4, 1884, died November 30, 1979, married Thel Hooks, M.D., born December 22, 1876, Died February 18, 1935.

           Dorothy Hood Hooks, daughter of Dr. Thel and Eva Hooks, born February 27, 1913, died October 22, 2003.

     Eula Hood, born 1909, married Ralph Stephens, M. D.

     Henry Cogdell Hood, born April 10, 1889, married Pearl Wyatt. Henry died May 10, 1963. 

     Lucy Hood, born 1891, married Wallace Coltrane, M. D.

     Twins, unnamed.

Thomas Ruffin Hood died January 15, 1940 in Smithfield, Johnston County, North Carolina. Lucy Ann (Woodall) Hood died June 24, 1949.

Bold Robin Hood, fourth child of John Cogdell Hood, Jr., was born February 9, 1865 in Johnston County, NC and married Anna B. Dixon, born February 16, 1869, daughter of Haywood and Lucinda Dixon. B.R. (Bob) Hood was a druggist and had his own store in Smithfield. He was the father of three sons:

      John Cogdell Hood, born 1890.  D

      Bold Robin Hood, Jr., born in l893.

      Dixon Bryan Hood, born July 22, 1899.  D

All three sons became pharmacists or practical druggists.

Bold Robin Hood died December 29, l899 and is buried at Smithfield Cemetery.

Annie B. Dixon Hood remarried to Doctor B. Hamilton, born May 8, 1872.  They had three daughters and one son:

      Burkett Hamilton.

      India Hamilton, born July 5, 1902, died July 21, 1902.

      Jessie Lee Hamilton, born September 7, 1903, died February 11, 1906.

      Annie Mabel Hamilton, born June 30, 1906, died December 1, 1907.

Annie B. Hamilton died November 21, 1936 and is buried in the Smithfield Cemetery.  Doctor B. Hamilton died October 6, 1968 and is buried next to her and their three daughters who died in infancy.    

Annie B. Hamilton’s stone is inscribed: "One of God’s best women."

John Ezekiel Hood, born June 26, 1867 in Bentonville, Johnston County, North Carolina, a son of John Cogdell Hood, Jr., married Pauline Thornton, born August 15, 1869 in Fayetteville, Cumberland County, North Carolina. They married in Fayetteville, North Carolina. John E. Hood owned the first drug store in Kinston, North Carolina.

Their children:

     Martha Young Hood, married a Canady.

     Richard Thornton Hood.

     Pauline Hood, married a Nisbet.

     Elanor Hood, married a Blanton.

     John E. Hood Jr.

     Roland C. Hood.

John Ezekial Hood died February 28, 1921 in Kinston, North Carolina and is buried in Maplewood Cemetery.  Pauline (Thornton) Hood died in Kinston, Lenoir County, North Carolina in 1946.
(Grave information from letter to Mrs. Martha Hood Canady from Charlie N. Rose, Four Oaks, N. C., April 9, 1959.) 

Bettie Isadora Kirkman, born September 22, 1882
at Smithfield, NC (Johnston County), a daughter
of Dr. Levin and Sara Isadora Hood Kirkman.  She
married Herman Jones, November 21, 1906.  He was
a son of Mr. Jones and wife Delia Johnson Jones. 
Herman was born March 4, 1880. Bettie Kirkman
was a paralytic when a teenager and is shown in
the photo at age 17.  I read a booklet about her in
Kinston, NC at the home of a Mrs. Jones.  It told
about her miraculous healing.  She was bed-ridden
and could only move her head.  She would hold a
pencil in her teeth to write.  She told her mother that
on a certain day at a certain time, the Lord was going to heal her.  Family and friends gathered by her bedside at that time and the Lord did indeed raise her up.  She grew up to marry and have a son: Levin Kirkman Jones, born October 25, 1907 at Smithfield. Bettie died in Smithfield on July 21, 1947.  Her husband, Herman, died April 23, 1953 in Statesboro, GA. 

John Cogdell Hood,
John Cogdell Hood, Sr. was born February 13, 1890, a son of Bold Robin Hood and Annie Dixon. John married Lucinda (Lucy) Ethel Sanders, born January 6, 1890 a daughter of Alfred Marsh Sanders born 1851 and wife Elizabeth Willis (Sanders) Sanders born 1851. John C. Hood was a pharmacist owning his own store in Kinston, North Carolina.    Children:

      Lucinda Hood, married Clyde Hollowell. Lived in Bethel, NC.

      Anne Dixon Hood, born May 12, 1917, married John Talbot Capps.  Anne died March 26, 1969 at Kinston, Lenoir County, North Carolina. She is buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Kinston, North Carolina.

      Elizabeth (Betsy) Sanders (Hood) Procter, born October 6, 1918 in Kinston, North Carolina, married Robert William Procter.

      Olivia Long Hood, born April 4, 1921, married A. D. Hobgood, Jr.  They lived in Meherrin, Lunenburg County, Virginia. Olivia died February 13, 2006 in Meherrin.

      Marsha Hood, married William E. (Billy) Brewer.

      John (Johnny) Cogdell Hood, Jr.

John Cogdell Hood, Sr. died February 17, 1969, from uremia. He is buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Kinston, Lenoir County, North Carolina.
Lucinda Ethel (Sanders) Hood died in 1977 and is buried by her husband in Maplewood Cemetery.

Dixon Bryan Hood, born July 22, 1899, son of Bold Robin and Annie B. Dixon Hood of Smithfield, NC, married Ruth Meares Brinkley, born December 15, 1902 at Elm City, NC. They were married in the Methodist parsonage in Elm City, on May 2, 1923, the services being performed by Rev. E. B. Fisher, at three p.m. Dixon Bryan Hood died in March, 1961. Ruth Brinkley Hood died December 8, 1970.
Five children were born to Dixon Bryan Hood and his wife Ruth Brinkley Hood:

      India Brinkley Hood was born May 7, 1924 in Varina, NC.   D

The family moved to Kinston, NC and on November 22, 1926, their first son was born.

      Dixon Bryan Hood, Jr.  D

      Ruth Obeda Meares Hood was born on April 22, 1929, in Kinston.  D      

The family then moved to near Cullen, Virginia.

      Robert Lonn Hood was born on July 29, 1933.   D

The family then returned to NC and occupied the old Christian Church parsonage on Church Street in Richlands, where their fifth child was born:

      Ruth Dixon Hood was born December 13, l938.   D

Dixon Bryan Hood owned and operated his own Pharmacy on Hargett Street in Richlands.

India Brinkley Hood daughter of Dixon Bryan and Ruth Meares Brinkley Hood, was born May 7, 1924 in Varina, NC. She graduated from Richlands High School and Woman's College in Greensboro, NC. She taught chemistry at Richlands High School for about two years, then worked for Buckeye Chemical.
India later attended the University of Tennessee School of Pharmacy at Mempis and graduated in three years. She worked as a Pharmacist at several locations in NC, including Hood's Drug Store in Richlands and the Hood Drug Stores in Kinston, NC. India Brinkley Hood died of pulmonary hypertension, on April 19, 2012 at age 87, and was buried on April 23rd, 2012 at Onslow Memorial Park in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Dixon Bryan Hood, Jr. son of Dixon Bryan and Ruth Meares Brinkley Hood, attended school at Richlands and at EMI at Pineland, NC, graduating at EMI.
Dick served in WWII and the Korean War, in the U.S. Army. He married Betty Jean Graham in Charlotte, NC, on December 6, 1952 and resided in Charlotte until his death on December 11, 1961. They had two children:

      Kay Frances Hood, born September 22, 1958.

      David Bryan Hood, born July 26, 1961, both born in Charlotte, NC. David died September 10, 2009. David is survived by his daughter Amanda Louise Hood.

                         Ruth Obeda Meares Hood daughter of Dixon Bryan and Ruth                               Meares Brinkley Hood, was born on April 22, 1929, in Kinston,                              NC.  She graduated from Richlands High, Peace College,                                        attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
                         She majored in pharmacy. She worked in the pathology                                         department of a Histology Laboratory from 1952-1960.                                           Obeda married Andrew Joseph Lavin, July 21, 1950, at the                                    Methodist Church in Durham, North Carolina. Her husband                                  is a physicist, and worked for IBM in Endicott, New York until                                his retirement, then taught in a New York University. Obeda
                         and Andrew have five sons:

      Andrew Joseph Lavin, Jr., born April 20, 1951 at Chapel Hill, NC. Died September 18, 2011 in Endicott, New York.

      Kevin Liam Lavin, born April 23, 1959 in Endicott, NY.

      Keith Alan Lavin, born June 15, 1960 in Endicott, NY.

      Kenneth Lyle Lavin, born May 2, 1962 in Endicott, NY.

      Bryan Lavin, born October 24, 1967 in Endicott, NY.

Ruth Obeda Meares (Hood) Lavin died February 24, 2014.

Andrew Joseph Lavin died October 21, 2014 and is buried in Onslow Memorial Gardens along side Obeda, his wife.

Robert Lonn Hood son of Dixon Bryan and Ruth Meares Brinkley Hood, was born on July 29, 1933.  He attended school at Richlands, Kinston, and the University of North Carolina. He married on November 2, 1952 to Rowena Meares Buie.
Bob enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in 1952, and was stationed at Lackland A.F.B. in Texas, then spent three years in Newfoundland. Then he continued his education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he graduated from the school of Pharmacy. He worked for Brewer Drug Store, owned by his first cousin Marsha Hood Brewer and her husband William Brewer, until he opened his own Hood's Drug Store in Pink Hill, North Carolina. Bob has a doctorate degree in Pharmacology. They have two children:

      Robert Lonn Hood, Jr., born April 6, 1964.

      Tay Rett Buie Hood, born October 27, 1966.

Both children were adopted. Bob and Rowe divorced, and Bob later married Jennie Mae Jarman. Robert Lonn Hood died January 31, 2013 and is buried in Onslow Memorial Park at Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Ruth Dixon Hood daughter of Dixon Bryan and Ruth Meares Brinkley Hood, was born December 13, l938 at Richlands, NC.  She attended Richlands schools and Peace College in Raleigh, North Carolina. She trained in a histology laboratory in Charlotte, NC.
She married on October 24, 1959 at the Methodist Church in Richlands, NC to Julian McElree Capps. He was an officer in the U.S. Air Force, and was stationed at Rhine Main Air Base, in Frankfurt, Germany, where a daughter was born:
      Anna Ruth Capps was born October 31, 1960, at the U.S. Army Hospital at Weisbaden. She was delivered by Dr. Vestal Brandt, at 2:12 a.m. Ruth's father died in 1961, and she returned to Richlands, NC with Anna. The marriage ended in 1963. Ruth and anna lived with her mother, Mrs. Dixon Bryan Hood, until Ruth married again on June 27, 1964, in Conway, SC to James Buford Hartline.
To this union three daughter were born:

      Barbara Susanne Hartline, born at 8:30 a.m., June 20, 1966, at Onslow Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville, NC, delivered by Dr. Russell Barnes.

      Tami Obeda Marie Hartline, born at 8:47 a.m., November 25, 1970, at Onslow Memorial Hospital, Jacksonville, NC, delivered by Dr. Franklin Dill.

      Jami Nicole Hartline, born at 9:33 a.m., on December 3, 1974 at the New Onslow Memorial Hospital, Jacksonville, NC, delivered by Dr. Russell Barnes.

      Ruth's husband Jim Hartline is an electronics engineer, and has worked as a consultant for about thirty radio stations and a Chief Engineer of seven radio stations, worked for Christian Broadcasting Network at WYAH-TV in Portsmouth, VA and was Director of Engineering when he left there to become Director of Engineering of WEMT-TV in Greeneville, TN. They lived at Johnson City, TN and now have moved to Winston-Salem area.

Anna Ruth Capps married James Thomas Pensyl, born in Spartanburg, SC, September 8, 1954.
They had the following children:

      Rosanna Marie Pensyl, born March 5, l983, Maryview Hospital, Portsmouth, VA.
      Christina Ruth Pensyl, born September 15, 1985, Portsmouth General Hospital, Portsmouth, VA.

      Thomas Wesley Pensyl, born May 7, 1988, Hampton General Hospital, Hampton, VA.

      John Calvin Pensyl, born June 20, 1991, DePaul Hospital, Norfolk, VA

Barbara Susanne Hartline married James William Lehnerd December 11, 1987 at Portsmouth Seventh Day Adventist Church, Portsmouth, VA..  James W. Lehnerd was born October 12, 1963 in Butler, PA.

They had the following children:

      Amanda Danielle Barnett, born June 4, 1986, Tupelo, MS. brought into marriage by James from previous relationship.

      James Andru Lehnerd, born April 5, 1989, at Chesapeake General Hospital, Chesapeake, VA.

      Megan Hartline Lehnerd, born March 30, 1991, at Maryview Hospital, Portsmouth, VA. At age 18, Megan changed her name to Megan Adhelayd Hartline.

      Tyler Scott Lehnerd, born November 28, 1997, Chesapeake, VA at Chesapeake General Hospital.

Susanne and James divorced April 1, 2009.

Tami Marie Hartline married Charles Adrian Lehnerd, January 8, 1990 at Isle of Wight Court House, VA.  Charles A. Lehnerd was born November 21, l968 in Butler, PA.
They had the following children:

      Sylvan DeJesus Lehnerd, born December 24, 1990 Williamsburg, VA.

      Lauren Raquel Lehnerd, born July 22, 1992, Williamsburg, VA.

      Charles Adrian Lehnerd, Jr., born November 2, 1993, Suffolk, VA, Obeci Hospital.

      Robin Hood Lehnerd, born August 26, l995, Harrison, AR.

      Forest Aura Lehnerd, born July 25, 1998, Youngstown, OH

      Rosalie Felice Lehnerd, born December 23, 2000, Canton, OH.

      Halie Charlene Lehnerd, born July 11, 2002, Pittsburg, PA.

      Cassandra (Cassie) Carmen Lehnerd, born September 1, 2004, 10:55 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Jami Nicole Hartline married James Eugene Ogles March 15, l992 at the Portsmouth Seventh Day Adventist Church in Portsmouth, VA..  James Eugene was born September 17, 1972 in Rayville, LA.
They had the following children:

      Lacey Nicole Ogles, born October 6, 1992, Maryview Hospital, Portsmouth, VA.

      Ashley Rae Ogles, born May 28, 1994, Maryview Hospital, Portsmouth, VA.

Divorced and remarried to Jason Valdez, b. October 1, l978, married January 9, 1999.


      Sydney Marie Valdez, born September 9, 1999, Chesapeake General Hospital, Chesapeake, VA.

      Riley Sierra Picard, born December 17, 2001, Chesapeake General Hospital, Chesapeake, VA.


Married in 2007 to Jason Huber and live in eastern NC. Divorced.

Married in 2011 to Chris Cady.


There was a Nathaniel Hood in Sussex County, VA who's Will was probated August 17, 1780.  It is in Will book C, page 373.

"In the name of God Amen this fifteenth day of March one thousand seven hundred and seventy nine.  I Nathaniel Hood of Sussex County beind of sound mind, Primary thanks be to almighty God for the same, not knowing how soon my change may come.  I do therefore ordain this last Will & Testament in manner & form following.  I do in the humblest manner resign my soul to God who gave it to me.  Humbly imploring His Divine Majesty to receive me into the number of the blessed. & as for my ortal body to be buried in a Christian like manner at the discretion of my hereafter named.  And as for my Temporal Estate which God hath been please to bless me with I give & dispose of in manner & form following.  First I will that all my just Debts & funeral expenses be discharged.
Item. I give & bequeath to my Son Henry Hood the land and plantation whereon I now live to him & heirs forever.  also one Bed of furniture: one Cow & Calf: my will & desire is that if my son Henry should die without Lawful issue that what I have given him shall descend to his sisters Ameilia Hood & Sarah Hood to them and their heirs forever.
Item. I give & bequeath to my Daughter Amelia Hood one bed of furniture: also one Cow & Calf to her and her heirs forever.
Item. I give & bequeath to my Daughter Sarah Hood one Cow & Calf: also the bed & furniture whereon I lie-after her mothers decease to her & her heirs for ever also one Iron & heaters to her & her heirs forever.
My will and desire is that my wife Sarah Hood shall have a maintenance for life out of my Estate not heretofore given:  and after my wifes decease all my Estate not heretofore given shall be equally divided between my son Henry Hood and my daughters Amelia Hood & Sarah Hood to them and their heirs forever.  I appoint Robert Jones and my son Henry Hood executors of this my Will & Testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written.

Signed & Sealed}
in presence of    }                            Nathaniel Hood
Joseph Dennis  }Mark
Sealey Seath    } 
Mark                }                                
                                  17th day of August 1780

According to the Albemarle Parish Register-Births, Deaths & Sponsors 1717-1778 Surry & Sussex County, VA, by John Bennett Boddie, they (Nathaniel Hood and wife) had a son named Nathaniel born March 3, 1742.  His siblings were named Sarah, Elizabeth, John, (Lucretia) Lucy, Henry, Frances, (Amelia) Mely, Ruth, Sarah and Peter.

Authors note:  There is no mention in the above Will of any sons named Britton or Bold Robin Hood. This is obviously the grandfather of Britton and Robin and father of the following Nathaniel Hood.


Last Will and Testament Will of Nathaniel Hood of Johnston County, NC, written on the 26th day of January 1811:
(This is obviously the Father of Britton and Robin Hood)

Britton Hood administrator to Estate of Nathaniel Hood, deceased.  In Account current with the heirs of said deceased.

To the amount of the whole Estate of said deceased agreeable to the Account of
Sales returned to Johnston County 646 13 5
   Credit 114 10 2/2
  532  3  4
In obedience to an Order of Court to us directed November Term 1810, we the subscribers have settled and divided the Estate of Nathaniel Hood, deceased, with the administator and find due the Heirs as follow (to wit):
Wido(w)'s share of the Estate is fifty three pounds, four shillings, and four pence;
Sally Hood's part of the Estate is fifty three pounds, four shillings, and four pence;
Nathaniel Hoods share of the Estate is seventy one pounds, eight shillings and eleven pence;
Susannah Hood's share of the Estate is seventy one pounds, eight shillings and eleven pence;
Wealcomb Hood's share of the Estate is seventy one pounds, eight shilings, and eleven pence;

No. 1 by Mecajah Cox notes including interest 4 2 9.  
No. 2, by Jeramiah Gurleys interest 2 15 3 
No. 3 by Needham Whitleys proved account 2 10 - 
No. 4 by Rich Coxs proved account 4 3 9
No. 5 by Ruben Landers account (unreadable) 
No. 6 by John McKinnie account 4 
No. 7 by Wesley Wellons receipt for taxes - 17 3  by four shillings for this  return - 4-  By three gallons of brandy for the sale 1 10- 
The Estate of Nathaniel Hood, deceased.
To Nathaniel, Susana & Wealcomb Hood, an account of said deceased being appointed guardian for said children for the acct of their sharing of the Estate of Wm Hood, deceased. 64 16 4/2 

By Commissions on the amount of the Estate  32 6 8  

Bold Robin Hood, Molly Maxwell, Joannah Byrd, Britain Hood and Elizabeth Hanks, their sharing of the Estate is fifty five pounds, four shillings, and ten pence each.

In testimony whereof we have hereto set our hands and seals this 26th day of January 1811.

Needham Whitley {Seal}
John Atkinson      {Seal}
Jos Boon               {Seal}

Johnston County February Term 1811
Then was the above account current exhibited in open court and ordered to be recorded.  I. A. Land, clerk

Source: Johnston County Records of Estates, 1811-1815, pg 2. Raleigh Archives.

There is also a will for John Hood, December 16, 1773 on record in Sussex County, VA.

      Mary Ann (Polly) Hood, born 1832.

      David W. Hood, born May 6, 1833. Died August 2, 1871.   D

      Charity Hood, born 1836.

      Bold Robin Hood, born 1837.

      James Hood, born 1844.

      Sarah Hood, born 1846.

      Nancy (Nan) Hood, born September 16, 1848. (Also living in this home was Jinnetta Peacock age 55.[born 1795] oldest daughter of David and Charlotte (Bryan) Peacock.)  D

Nancy Peacock Hood died October 15, 1848 in Johnston County. Her last child was born September 16, 1848 and John Cogdell, Sr. married Charlotte Peacock, November 28, 1848.  She was born in 1815, sister of his first wife. 

They had one child:

      Charlotte Hood, born in 1850, died in 1902 who married a Beasley.

Charlotte Peacock Hood died in 1879 and John Cogdell Hood, Sr. died in 1861.
The graves of John Cogdell Hood, Sr., Nancy Peacock Hood and Charlotte Peacock Hood are located about ten miles west of Bentonville, NC, near Peacock Crossroads.
The stone was placed there later and reads  John Cogdell Hood, "Jr.," when it was actually John Cogdell, "Sr."

The cemetery is located near Godwin Lake on Hwy 96, on the land formerly owned
by John Cogdell Hood, Sr. now belonging to James Garland Smith, great-grandson
of John Cogdell Hood, Sr.
Bettie Isadora Kirkman, age 17
John C. Hood and mother, Anna Dixon
Dora Hood Kirkman and husband Dr. Levin E. Kirkman
David Bryan Hood 2007
Anna Dixon Hood Hamilton
      India Brinkley Hood                                 India B. Hood                                  India Brinkley Hood
            Susanne with daughter Megan.